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Request to Participate

This site will continue accepting abstracts through August 10; SSP authors and presenters that are willing to submit a full paper, shall have the opportunity to submit their paper by Sept. 1, 2013 via WiSEE's EDAS system (, and choose the SSP 20113 track.
The paper format and submission will be consistent with the IEEE WiSEE Conference.

Each attendee must fill out and submit this Request to Participate form by or before August 10 2013.

Please note: Talks will be limited to those accepted by the 2013 SSP Workshop Committee. Topics for talks include (but not limited to):
1. Green Energy and Comparison with Natural Energy Resources (Oil, Gas, etc)
2. SSP and Comparison with Terrestrial Sources
3. SSP Implementation Options - a comparison (Orbit, Space-based Harvesting Units)
4. SSP Economics
5. SSP Environmental Impact
6. SSP Security
7. SSP Sustainability
8. SSP Policy
9. A Review on International Efforts on SSP (what technologies, industries, companies?);
10. A Review on National Efforts on SSP (what technologies, industries, companies?)
11. Do we need a coordinated Research on SSP in the US and abroad?
(SSP Microwave Power Transfer Challenges; SSP Laser Power Beaming Challenges)
12. Futuristic Applications of SSP
13. How to prepare the workforce for SSP industries?
14. How to communicate SSP with policy makers?
15. SSP and Public Awareness;
16. Do we need a national and/or international body to supervise SSP Training, Education, and Policy?

We will close our Request for Participation site on Aug. 10 at 11:59 pm

I've invited you to fill out the form 2013 SSP Workshop - Request to Participate. To fill it out, visit:

Please be advised that by attending this workshop you grant Michigan Tech SSP Workshop and organizers the right to capture your likeness via photograph or video recording, and to use the likeness in any media, including television, film, Internet, public display, marketing, or general-interest multimedia.