ATP-EMTP Listserver

Help/News/Information Forum (For Licensed Users of the ATP Version of EMTP)

Licensed users of ATP may subscribe to this e-mail users group. There are presently over 600 subscribers from 54 countries. You can share news, help each other with modeling techniques and ATP usage, and have better access to program developers. This service is free and it is very easy to use.

In the near future, to comply with the ATP licensing terms that we have all agreed to, this list will be closed to open subscription. You will then need to request subscription by contacting your users group. A detailed update of this page will be made at that time.

For now, this is an open list. It is not moderated, but it is supervised. It is MANDATORY to read and comply with the rules of usage. Those who are unlicensed or do not comply with the rules shall be summarily removed. To subscribe, just send a message to the following address:

The subject of the message can be left blank. The body of text consists of just one line:

SUB ATP-EMTP Your Full Name, Location, Country

For example:

SUB ATP-EMTP Bill Smith, Univ of Transients, EMTPland

After you've subscribed, if you need help, want to help someone else with their problem or want to make a non-commercial announcement, send e-mail to: (Subscribe First! See above.)

Your message will be forwarded to all the others who subscribe to this service. A copy of any messages that others send to will automatically be forwarded to you. Should you need assistance with subscribing, unsubscribing, or modifying your subscriber options, you can contact me or your users group.