Description of current research

Current Research:

A study of Electrical, Optical, Chemical and Structural Characteristics of Indium-Tin-Oxide (ITO) deposited on Glass and Polymer substrates:
 Indium Tin Oxide is a transparent, conducting material with a variety of applications in display devices, photovoltaic devices and heat reflecting mirrors. Simultaneous optimization of the conductivity and transparency of these ITO thin films is the primary goal of this investigation. Basic understanding of the material properties from energy band structure calculations, deposition parameters are the key tasks in this research effort. The sheet resistances, optical transmittances and microstructures are determined using four-point probe, spectrophotometer, x-ray diffractometer and transmission electron microscope.
A.K. Kulkarni, Kirk H. Schulz, T.S. Lim, M. Khan, "Dependence of the sheet resistance of indium-tin-oxide thin films on grain size and grain orientation determined from X-ray diffraction techniques," Thin Solid Films 345 (1999) 273-277

A.K. Kulkarni, K.H. Schulz, T.-S. Lim, M. Khan, "Electrical, optical and structural characteristics of indium-tin-oxide thin films deposited on glass and polymer substrates," Thin Solid Films 308–309 (1997) 1–7