EE 3305 Fall 2009 Schedule of Events


Week 1

Prerequisite Exam


Sample questions

Week 2 -

Circuit X Introduction and Test Plan Design Phase



Week 3  


Circuit X (Week 1)

-Execution Phase




Week 4

Circuit X (Week 2)

-Presentation of Results

Presentation Rubric

Oral Presentations




Week 5



Amplifier Design Project

Eagle Demonstration Video

(Mindows Media)

Eagle Demonstration Video (Real Media)

Eagle Instructions

Board Layout Instructions

Library Instructions

Week 6

Amplifier Design Project



Week 7


Amplifier Design Project



Week 8

Amplifier Design Project



Week 9

Operational Amplifiers

LabVIEW Integration



P-SPICE Manual


Virtual Instrument Files

Power Supply

Function Generator




Week 10

Operational Amplifiers - Active Filter Design



Week 11

Operational Amplifiers - Active filter Design continued



Week 12

Bipolar Junction Transistor



--Automated with LabVIEW




Week 13


Bipolar Junction Transistor

-Amplifier Setup

--Design and Calculations

--4 Resistor Bias Circuit




Week 14