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Wireless Local Positioning System Laboratory

The WLPS Lab was created by Dr. Seyed (Reza) Zekavat in May 2005 as part of a project funded by the US National Science Foundation Information Technology Research (ITR) for National Priorities. The project aims to research and develop a novel Wireless Local Positioning System (WLPS) patented at Michigan Technological University. WLPS has a variety of applications in security, defense, road safety and collision avoidance. A group of graduate and undergraduate students have been involved in the WLPS Lab activities.

A WLPS prototype is under development. Considering unique specifications of the WLPS (high bit rate and bandwidth) our search confirms that there is not any available radio which can be purchased in order to develop the WLPS on the top of that. Hence, one important basic project activity is the development of a high bandwidth radio system. This development involves exciting research including the structure of a high bandwidth radio system, antenna array design and development, working with DSP and FPGA systems, DAC and ADC systems, and the use of RF components. This laboratory has good potential to serve many undergraduate and graduate courses such as Wireless Communications, an Wireless Sensor Networks.

A brief video of Wireless Local Positioning System and work being done in the lab: If you cannot see the video frame above, click here to watch the video

Handbook of Position Location - Theory, Practice and Advances.
Edited by: Seyed A. (Reza) Zekavat and R. Michael Buehrer

Supported by the National Science Foundation ITR for National Priorities