Warning: This man is on the run from Authority.

Last known sighting: EERC, Rm. 826, at the MTU
Correctional Educational Facility

-Ashok Ambardar entered the US (legally) to pursue a higher calling. He was recruited by the badgers and his brain was thoroughly washed and cleansed after which he was branded MS (Mad Scientist Student). This spurred him to an even higher calling with the cowboys though  it took a while to indoctrinate him with PhD (Phurther Damage).

-Charged with pestering and heckling officials of MOAA.
-Charges dropped and payroll granted at Tech in 1976 with lots of time off for good behavior.

-Made the 'Ten Most Wanted' list of the ECE Department since late 1983.
-During this time he was elevated to most wanted (ECE professor) on several occasions.
-Nabbed twice for University-wide Distinguished Cheating Teaching at Tech.


-Granted tenure special immunity from prosecution in an unpublicized hearing in the 1980s.
-Shortly thereafter, he joined the infamous ‘EE Gang of Eight’. The gang members were sued for $50,000,000 by a disgruntled student. The suit was later dropped but details remain sketchy.


-This man considers himself dangerous, possesses arms (two of them) and may not be pacified without the use of special treats. Approach with caution and always carry a stick or big bar (preferably dark chocolate, studded with almonds).
-Ashok Ambardar has already been booked three times.
His most recent bookable offences are described

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