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DSP: A Modern Introduction (2006)    (Thomson Publishing)

    Zipped MATLAB data files for the text (Last updated March 03, 2006)    

    ERRATA for DSP (pdf file):     Ambardar_dsp1e_errata.pdf (Last updated October 10, 2013)    

Analog and Digital Signal Processing (2nd Ed., 1999)    (Brooks-Cole)

    ERRATA for ADSP (pdf file):     Ambardar_adsp2e_errata.pdf (Last updated April 03, 2013)    


UPDATED  Matlab m-files and guis for v5 and above. Please unzip to a directory in the Matlab path. 

[NOTE: Please download the latest to ensure compatibility with Matlab v7.8 and above. ] (Last updated Sep. 16, 2013)             (Last updated Feb. 17, 2012) 

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