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Digital Logic

     Lab Zero Verilog Tutorial and Schematic Tutorial    
      Lab 1 Switches, Lights and Multiplexers Prelab Grade Sheet
      Lab 2 Numbers and Displays   Grade Sheet
      Lab 3 Latches, Flip-Flops and Registers Prelab Grade Sheet
      Lab 4 Counters Prelab Grade Sheet
      Lab 6 Adders, Subtractors and Multipliers Prelab Grade Sheet
      Lab 7 Finite State Machines   Grade Sheet
      Lab 8a Stepper Motor Week 1  
      Lab 8b Stepper Motor Week 2  

Signal Processing

      Lab 1 Signal Generation and Wave Shaping Functional Verification Sheet
      Lab 2 Filters I - System Response Functional Verification Sheet
      Lab 3 Filters II - Filter Design with MATLAB
      Lab 4 Multiplexed Fiber Optic TX/RX

Additional Lab Information

      Appendix Introduction to Complex Exponentials
      Appendix Synthesis of Sinusoidal Signals