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What is the Power Globe?

Power Globe is an internet e-mail forum for persons having an interest in electric power engineering. It is implemented using an open-subscription listserver -- subscribers can add or remove themselves from the list, as well as control their subscription options. Once subscribed, a person can send e-mail to the list where it will be forwarded to all other subscribers. There are presently over 2100 subscribers world wide, with 5-10 messages being distributed on an average day. Typical of the messages distributed are:


To provide a worldwide forum for power engineers on power engineering topics via the Internet. The "Globe" is intended for all faculty, staff, and engineers interested in power engineering.

Subscribing to the Power Globe

Following are instructions for the use of the self-service listserver "Power Globe." Please note that you should subscribe yourself to the listserver through the subscriber interface on the web located at:

Using this web site it is possible to:

Power Globe List Usage Guidelines

Only list subscribers are allowed to post to the Power Globe. Messages can either be posted through the web interface or by sending an e-mail directly to:

Note that the return address on the e-mail sent to the listserv e-mail address must match the address in the subscriber database.

With over 2100 subscribers, it is vital that the “signal-to-noise ratio” of the messages be kept high. Since only subscribers can forward e-mail to the list, unsubscribed spammers are thwarted. Short text messages are encouraged, using URL’s to point to more extensive information. Messages of a commercial or non-professional nature are not allowed.

In addition, general requests such as "send me everything you know about topic XYZ" or requests for copies of copyrighted material such as papers appearing in the technical journals or conference proceedings are discouraged.

Finally, subscribers can elect to receive each day’s messages in a single daily “digest,” reducing the amount of incoming e-mail.

Subscribers are directed to this home page for rules of usage, recommended etiquette, and answers to frequently asked questions.

List Management

The operation of Power Globe is overseen by a working group of the IEEE Power Engineering Education Committee (PEEC). The Power Globe Working Group members are:

History of the Power Globe

Ongoing Working Group Activities

Power Globe Working Group meetings are held at the PES General Meetings every summer. Interested persons are encouraged to attend. Present issues of interest are the continued enhancement of the Power Globe home page, further work on handling attachment files, more advanced methods of filtering viruses, and acting on suggestions and feedback from Power Globe subscribers.